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East London Animal Welfare We started almost a year ago as a facebook group, but because of demand we then decided to take the jump from the virtual world right into the real world.

The members of ELAW are a diverse group of people where most of us have our own careers, jobs or businesses but what joins us together is our love of animals and our desire to actually go the extra mile to make a difference in an animal’s life.

It’s really easy to read a newspaper/ magazine or browse the internet and read about the plight of the many many abused, neglected and unwanted animals in our society today……it’s quite another to be brave enough to physically decide to try and do something to help!! Well here at East London Animal Welfare, you really do get a chance to make a difference. We welcome your help and advice and would love you to join us as a volunteer.

We have been involved in many fundraising events to raise much needed funds for East London Animal Welfare. Just to name a few, we were alongside Models Agency who have helped us with our Blazers to Ballgown’s function at Hotel Osner, The Model-thon at Hemingways Mall, our various tea’s and ladies evenings and so much more. We also have the annual Growl-a-thon fun day at James Pearce Park in proud association with Royal Canin.

Our funds raised are often used to pay-off vets bills for the under-privileged, spaying and neutering of animals and feral cats, purchasing of food for cats/dogs etc., especially for our feeding programme run alongside Meals-on-Wheels, enrichment and bird toys for the East London Zoo animals, out-reach programmes at informal settlements to provide them with pet food and flea/tick control medicine and so much more. We will help whatever animal we can, from domestic to wild, cats to horses, the one’s who can’t speak for themselves.

To find out more, please contact us on Facebook or on our Twitter page, @elanimalwelfare

4 thoughts on “More about us.

  1. Hi Pat, thanks so much for your reply, just need to find out if you would like to help with fundraising ie selling raffle tickets, hosting a tea party, selling tickets for Bernies etc etc – we really need tons of help in all of these areas at the moment.
    Its the harsh reality but in order for us to help we are constantly trying to fund raise, any input from your side would also be greatly appreciated………..thanks so much Pat…..Kind regards Gail.

  2. I can donate some new things for selling, I can also donate some goodies for the cats and dogs, just e-mail me your address where to send some things to, I will need to keep it light due to the ever rising postage prices…

  3. Hi Deana, thanks so much for your fantastic email, any help is deeply appreciated……..
    Postal address is 14 Tottenham Road
    East London
    Sincere and deep thanks Gail.

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