What help do we need?

Anything and everything.

We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us with fund raising, age, sex does not matter as long as you are willing to help WE WANT YOU, please contact Gail on 043 7213401 or email elanimalwelfare@gmail.com -for further details.

We are always needing both cat and dog food to assist us with our weekly feeding programme.


We would love you to sign up (no charge) for a my planet , my village card, every time that you swipe this card at selected stores we receive a % of your purchase……

Attached please find form, send it directly to us on 0866195929 email to fax or email to elanimalwelfare@gmail.com or direct fax 043 7434474 -you can always contact me to fax you one of these forms directly – only to happy to do so – can post as well……MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Application Form May2011 (1)


One thought on “What help do we need?

  1. Where about in east london are you situated? I have some things you can sell, I can also send some things for the dogs/cats, I will box some things for you…

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