News Update.

We have recently started a programme where we are slowly helping the people of Ducats to feed their beloved animals. Every month we will visit either Ducats South or Ducats North, depending on the schedule, and donate dog food, leashes/collars, cat food, pet treats etc. We also dip the dogs to help get rid of ticks and fleas. If you have items to aid us in helping these wonderful people or would like to join us on one of these outreaches then please contact us!


our hand raised babes..

       Ducats visit

       Food drive – Spargs Beacon Bay




The lovely horses at Cintsa

Accomplishments to date

  • We have had five ferals spayed/neutered, ears clipped and returned to their colony.
  • Raised 4 feral kittens over a period of 7 weeks and found them loving homes.
  • Donated fencing and food/toys/cat litter to Pet Pals Sanctuary
  • Donated on behalf of Mike from Kija pest control/fly bugs for sanctuary.
  • ran a Christmas gifting drive to collect dog/cat toys, blankets etc on and behalf of the animals at the East London SPCA
  • collected from the public food, blankets etc for the sanctuary.
  • Donated a consignment of doggie food and cat boxes to HillTop Pet Pals, as well as blankets
  • constructed a cattery at East London Pet Pals
  • raising 4 more feral kitties and will be finding them loving homes.
  • donated medication to Cintsa Horses
  • In conjunction with Meals on Wheels we are helping to feed six dogs and one cat on a weekly basis.
  • Raising another two stray kittens, and hopefully trying to find them loving homes.
  • Donated R2000.00 towards Medication to Cintsa Horses.
  • Successfully helping to spay/neuter the pets of underprivileged people in dire need.
  • Held a successful food drive at Sparg’s SuperSpar in Beacon Bay.
  • Embarking on a drive to recruit 500 people to join us in Our planet Our Village
  • card promotion.
  • running a feeding programme to assist oap to feed their pets
  • as of  1.5.2012 we are weekly feeding 11 cats and 14 dogs.
  • We have donated enrichment “toys” to the East London Zoo, including screens, boomer balls and bird/parrot toys.
  • Donated Nan milk and helped towards a operation DeBracy’s primate rehabilitation centre.
  • Future plans include setting up a trust fund to help people that are struggling to pay vet’s bills.

Tara Sparg @ Cintsa Horses



Growl-a-thon at James Pearce Park












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