East London Animal Welfare

Hi there, welcome to our site.

This is where you can catch up with what we have done, what we are currently doing and what we are about to get up to.

We are mainly project driven in that we find a project, either raise funds to help, or if we already have funding use this funding to assist worthwhile causes involving animals such as our township outreach programme, food bank, vet fees for the underprivileged and so on.

If you know of a worthwhile need or venture please feel free to contact us!

6 thoughts on “East London Animal Welfare

  1. Lovely site and also lovely to know people really do care. Love Norms

  2. Hi Norma, thanks so much for those kind comments, deeply appreciated, fond regards Gail.

  3. Hi

    When will the photos of the model athon be on your site? Also the link to the belly dancers.


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